A very happy Monday and welcome to the fifth installment of "Let me entertain you," a new series of weekly posts that I’ll be running throughout this epically festive — and epically food-heavy — time of year. The topic? Holiday entertaining and the paraphernalia needed to make your gathering — whether it’s a traditional Turkey Day dinner with the extended family, a booze-heavy winter solstice shindig, or an intimate Christmahanakwanzaka brunch amongst friends — go off without a hitch. The emphasis is on products that boast one or all of the following eco-friendly attributes:
a. handmade
b. made from sustainable or recycled materials
c. domestically manufactured
d. durable/made-to-last so in that they’ll be used not just this holiday season for many more seasons to come. 
So far in the series, I've mainly stuck to festive-yet-utilitarian items — coasters, barware, linens, serving trays — but today I veer into strictly decorative territory (unless the power happens to go out) with a look at a few candles and candle holders sure to lift the spirits and give any seasonal soirée a warm, desirable glow. Because after all, nothing kills the tree-trimming, spiked cider-guzzling mood like unflattering overhead fluorescents.
And whether they're placed atop a mantle surrounded by garden-fresh garlands or incorporated into an elaborate tabletop centerpiece, make sure to burn your candles in a safe spot. As the evening goes on and your party guests get tipsier, you may want to switch out to flickering LED candles to prevent any waxy spills or unfortunate holiday sweater fires. 

Astral Recycled Glass Candlestick @ VivaTerra ($29 - $59)













Cast Glass Menorah @ West Elm ($24.99)















Smoke Stacks Recycled Old Growth Pine Candle Holder by Peg and Awl @ Supermarket ($56)














tranSGlass Candleholder @ Artecnica ($50)















Birch Bark Candle @ Terrain ($28)
















Wine Bottle Tea Light Holder @ UncommonGoods ($60)















Glassybaby Sleighbells Ring Set @ Glassybaby ($132)















Spindelabra @ Hipcycle ($90)
















Tea Light Trio Candle Holder @ Branch ($12)















Watts & Co. Candelabra Candles @ Terrain ($40)















Beeswax Ornament Candles @ Big Dipper Wax Works ($15)




Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Let me entertain you: Candles and candle holders
Break out those tapers ... it's time to party. Whether perched atop a mantle of gracing the buffet table, give your holiday fête a cozy glow with these candle