A very happy Tuesday — I hope everyone had a most merry long holiday weekend and welcome to the seventh and final installment of "Let me entertain you," a series of weekly posts that I've been running throughout this epically festive — and espcially food-heavy — time of year. The topic? Holiday entertaining and the eco-friendly paraphernalia needed to make your gathering — whether it’s a traditional Turkey Day dinner with the extended family, a booze-heavy winter solstice shindig, or an intimate Christmahanakwanzaka brunch amongst friends — go off without a hitch.


​Although NYE is still around the corner, if you've already unleashed your arsenal of holiday entertaining gear  coastersbarwarelinens, serving trays and candle holders  it's also probably high time that you think about unleashing solutions to help remedy the unholy mess of stains, spots, smudges, splatters and splotches currently plaguing your once spic 'n' span home. Below, you'll find a handful of eco-friendly cleaning supplies to help you conquer unsightly seasonal remainders. And in addition to the below products, it's never a bad idea to save a few bucks by concocting your own natural cleaning solutions from household staples like white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.


Have any post-holiday party cleanup rituals that you'd like to share? Any specific products that you consistently rely on for erasing all evidence of somewhat sloppy festivus festivities?   


iQ All-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit - Green Tea @ Drugstore.com ($3.99)















Full Circle Crystal Clear Bottle and Glass Cleaner @ Reuseit.com ($7.95)















Eclipse Microfiber Mop with Wringer @ Casabella ($29.99)















Bar Keepers Friend @ Sur La Table ($4)
















White Wizard Spot Remover and All-Purpose Cleaner @ Gaiam ($8.50)















Goodbye Detergent! Original Spaghetti Scrub @ Amazon.com ($10.99)















Wine Stain Eater @ Unique Natural Products ($3.95)















Eco-Me Mia Foaming Hand Soap - Citrus Sage @ Abe's Market ($4.40)












If You Care Natural Latex Gloves @ Green Depot ($4.50)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Let me entertain you: Post-party cleanup
Now that the high season of holiday house parties is starting to wind down, it's high time to start thinking about cleanup. Behold, a few eco-friendly cleaning