In the past, I’ve shown that an enduring (and endearing) low-tech hallmark of any well-organized home, the humble cork pinboard, can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today, here’s a look at a most unlikely — and most functional — manner in which to display that giant stack of postcards, Polaroids, Post-its, coupons, concert ticket stubs, and assorted ephemera that has been multiplying on your desktop, kitchen counter, or any household surface designated to “piles.”
Designed by Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi of Brazil-based Studio Ninho, the Luminária Post is a clever little table lamp that doubles as a pinboard. An ideal project for the craft-inclinded, the Luminária Post comes as a build-it-yourself kit complete with a thin sheet of recycled cork that acts as the lamp’s “shade" along with wooden legs, a sturdy cork base, and a socket with an attached on/off switch. Naturally, a set of pushpins are also included as is a small CFL bulb. 
The product packaging is super-minimal, eliminating the need for extraneous, trash-bound materials. According to the designers, the manufacturing process behind this clever lamp-cum-pinboard "was simple, economical and uses sustainable materials in order to lower costs and impacts on production." Perhaps most importantly, the whole thing can be assembled (and disassembled) in a matter of minutes with no glue or special tools required.
Personally, I might be thrown into a panic if I woke up every morning to find that my bedside lamp was plastered with Post-It notes reminding me of everything that I need to conquer during the day (I rely on Stickies for that). Also, Luminária Post falls under the accent lighting category so I wouldn't plan on using it for any serious illumination purposes. Still, as far as multi-tasking home acessories go, the Luminária Post is an entirely bright idea. What do you think? A Pinterest-worthy work of eco-friendly home design?



Via [Designboom]

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Luminária Post: A cute table lamp that doubles as a cork pinboard
Luminária Post, a DIY table lamp that serves double duty as a cork pinboard, is an ideal multi-tasking home accessory for the absent-minded and those in need o