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Well, Earth Day is once again upon us, and, as a result, there’s been a whole lot of Mother Nature attention-lavishing going down as of late (also, I don't think my inbox will ever recover). But let us not forget that sneaking up in just a few weeks is another very special Sunday dedicated to another special mother  the one who you call "momma." 

Is there a much-cherished MILG — Mom You’d Like to Green — in your life? Then consider bestowing her with one of these home- and garden-centric Mother's Day gifts ranging from whimsical (vintage kitty decor!) to practical (gardening gloves!) and everything in between. All are made from eco-friendly materials and/or are handmade with the same thing doled out by your momma ... TLC. And since you're also probably budgeting for a beautiful bouquet of wire hangers flowers, most of my picks this year fall under the $50 mark.

Mother's Day Endless Bouquet Gift Basket @ Hudson Valley Seed Library ($34)















Chalkboard Tablet @ Terrain ($24)


Faithful Friends @ Twine ($8.50)
















B. 1802 Well-Heeled Soap Dish @ Beekman 1802 Mercantile ($45)















Pack Rack Barnyard Edition by Steph Mantis @ Supermarket ($58)















Turkish Pestemal Towels @ Poketo ($38)















Please Smell Us Ceramic Vase by Rob Ryan @ Daytrip Society ($48)















Hydrangea Heart Play by John Derian @ Lekker Home ($95)















Ethel's Fleur-De-Lis Gloves @ Terrain ($22)















Eat Your Greens Tea Towel by showpony @ Supermarket ($17)















Lobster Rope Basket @ UncommonGoods ($36)














Mom Paperweight @ Jonathan Adler ($42)



Need more ideas? We've got plenty of suggestions for befuddled well-wishers, from crafts to songs to recipe ideas.


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Mommy Greenest: Mother's Day Gift Guide 2012
While Mother Nature is undisputedly the center of attention this coming weekend, don't forget that there's another Mother-celebrating Sunday on the horizon ...