Well, it looks like a circa-1989 Cher got her wish this past weekend with the conclusion of daylight saving time across the U.S. (minus gleefully DST-free Arizona, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and numerous other countries. This, of course, can only mean that I'm back with another edition of "Mother Nature meets Father Time," my annual roundup of standout, mostly sustainable timepieces for the home. Because really, nothing helps beat the crippling malaise that comes along with the sun setting before 5 p.m. than buying a fancy new clock.

Like my 2010 and 2011 installments  of "Mother Nature meets Father Time," the clocks I’ve assembled are predominately — but not exclusively — handcrafted, some from an eclectic assortment of recycled materials including vending machine coffee cups (number four) and vinyl records (numbers one and  five).
As for me, I'm totally off the annoying clock-adjusting hook until power returns within the next 10 days to my hard-hit-by-Sandy Brooklyn neighborhood (fingers crossed). Seriously, returning to my apartment to see a flashing red digital "12:00" on my oven console or my LED bedside clock is something I've been thinking wistfully about during my week-long-and-counting displacement. It's the little things.
Recycled Vinyl Moose Clock by NotByLaser @ Etsy ($48)













Executive Desk Clock @ Reclaimed Cleveland ($150)















Woodland Clock in Ebony by Kreetco Design @ Supermarket ($118) 














4th Dimension Concrete Clock by 22DesignStudio @ Mollaspace ($200)















Flat Life Clock by Finn Magee @ Areaware ($150 -ships 11/14)















Record Cuckoo Clock @ Wrecords by Monkey ($135)















Unique Paper Wall Clock by Shannybeebo @ Etsy ($78.30)















Tide and Time Clock @ ashortwalk (£36.95)















Huntington Sky Reclaimed Wood Clock @ Bambeco ($54)















Wood Panel Cuckoo Clock by Decoylab @ Supermarket ($34)
















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Mother Nature meets Father Time: 2012 edition
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