Here’s a great last-minute stocking stuffer idea for keepsake-loving kids and adults that I spotted over at Yanko Design’s fabulously curated 2010 Holiday Gift Guide: MR. B, a clever alternative to the traditional memento box (or junk drawer).

Okay, so in these days of pared-down, efficient living when holding on to anything extraneous is generally frowned upon, owning a transculent teddy bear that you stuff with household crap that you may or may not have an emotional attachment to kind of seems like a step backwards. But whatever. I love the idea.

MR. B can be filled with anything that you’ve been hoarding hanging on to for one reason or another: wine corks, matchbooks from fancy restaurants, baubles, beads and buttons, postcards, golf balls, cat hair, Happy Meal toys, shredded love letters from an ex, and treasures of all sorts that you can’t, ahem, bear to throw away. I’d fill MR. B with movie and concert ticket stubs that for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to hang on to.

MR. B is made from a waterproof, scratchproof, and rustproof recyclable eco TPU material (bio-based, I believe, meaning it contains less petroleum content than other plastics) that’s “of no environmental hazards.” And according to the designer, Taiwanese firm 25togo, “the fabric, the buttons, and the stitches are made by professional hands, yet, MR. B has a delicate look and considerable strength for holding stuffed objects during long-term use.”
What would you fill MR. B with?
MR. B by 25togo @ Yanko Design Shop ($40). 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

MR. B: A teddy bear for storing what you can't bear to throw away
In possession of trinkets and treasures that you don't know what to do with but can't toss for sentimental reasons? Snuggle up to MR. B, an eco-plastic teddy be