With the 2010 London Design Festival having wrapped up a couple days back, highlights are steadily trickling in throughout the green design blogosphere.

I’ve stumbled across a slew of interesting goodies but one particular design that really stuck with me is the nogg, a prefabricated, egg-shaped palace for backyard broods. Backyard chicken keeping, while not exactly new, has officially reached eco au courant status as self-sufficient suburbanites — and daring urbanites — rediscover the joys of “poulet chalets,” as The San Francisco Chronicle calls them. In fact, The Chronicle points out that Yahoo searches on “chicken coops” are up 100 percent.

The thing is, backyard chicken coops aren’t always necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing structures. But like the Eglu Chicken House, the nogg has a sleek, modern look that beautifully blends in with your, umm, backyard office pod.

The nogg, described by its designers as “a stylish & sculptural piece of garden
furniture with breakfast thrown in!” is handcrafted in the UK from freshly scented, naturally antibacterial cedar and features a bottom tray that’s removable for easy cleaning, wheels for convenient relocation, fox-proof locks, and an adjustable glass dome top for ventilation. The structure can comfortably house two to four sleepy chickens. My favorite part? The space-ship-y chicken gangplank (aka hatch). 

Re-Nest reflects on the nogg’s unique design:

The idea of a chicken living inside something that resembles the thing it actually creates is a little bizarre (like a human living inside a giant baby doll of sorts), but at least it's pleasing to the eye, a little cooler than a traditional coop, and feels a bit more sculptural.
The nogg website doesn't list an asking price but if the price tags on other "classy" chicken coops like the Modern Coop or the Eglu are any indication, the nogg will probably cost a pretty penny. What do you think of the nogg? Is it too stylish for its agrarian purpose or does its anything-but-roughly-hewn appearance have you itching for a backyard-fresh omelette?

Via [Re-Nest]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

nogg: The mother(hen)ship has landed
A prefabricated, egg-shaped chicken coop from the U.K. called the nogg adds stylishly futuristic flair to backyard chicken-keeping.