Don't say you didn't see this coming .... 


Although I’m not personally invested in what’s thought to be the biggest, most exciting event to hit England since the release of “Spice World” — the eco-friendly-ish wedding of Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton — I know many of you will be waking up at 5 a.m. to strap on your celebratory fascinator and plop down in front of your TV or computer with a box of Kleenex and a cuppa tea to marvel at the outfits and have a good cry.


Naturally, with such a high-profile wedding comes a bunch of commemorative crap. This particular wedding has unleashed a particularly amusing/horrifying array of matrimonial memorabilia — a royal festival of crap, if you will — ranging from press-on nails to prophylactics to Pez dispensers. But let’s say you’re after something a bit different … wedding memorabilia that’s not an ashtray, not a refrigerator, and certainly not a humdrum commemorative plate. Perhaps you’re looking for sometime handmade, well designed, or just straight-out clever? Something that's of heirloom quality? Something that's both decorative and utilitarian? Something that you can throw up into? Well, you wedding-obsessive, souvenir-seeking Anglophile, you’ve come to the right place … 


William & Kate Royal Tea Towel @ Claudia Pearson's Etsy shop ($18)



















Prince Charles Tote @ Emilythepemily's Etsy Shop ($17)

















Will 4 Kate 4 Ever Plate @ KK Outlet (£20)















William and Kate Card @ La Familia Green ($4.50)















Royal Wedding Sick Bag - Blue @ Lydia Leith (£3)















William and Kate Card w/ Tea Bags by Donkey Products @ Pylones ($8)















Solar Queen @ Kikkerland ($20)













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Although filling your home with stuff just because two young people in England are getting married isn't eco-ideal, if you're going to do it, opt for Will and K