With all eyes still (particularly today) on the economically and environmentally nightmarish situation in the Gulf of Mexico, our pals over at GOOD took the time to publish a quick but crucial reminder detailing Things You Didn’t Know Where Made of Oil — And How to Avoid Them.

The actions and associated products on the list may be old news for some, but as GOOD points out, all of the oil spilling into the Gulf isn’t just used to power your car: 20 of the 42 gallons of oil in a single barrel goes to gasoline and the rest is used in more than 6,000 consumer products. Many, if not most, of them can be found throughout the home.

So, as a refresher course on how to put a plug in your own petroleum reliance, here’s a look at some of the household product tips that made GOOD’s oily avoidance list followed by related links written by yours truly and some of my fellow MNN bloggers.  

Swap out your candles (and surfboard wax)

Are soy candles really 'better'? 

DIY soy candles

Eco-friendly candles for your holiday table

The greasiest candle on the market

Paint with awareness

Benjamin Moore paints the town green

 Consumer Reports: Low-VOC paints perform just as well

Giving green paints new meaning

 Add your voice to fighting toxic VOCs

Choose natural fibers

• Hitting the green sheets

• Hitting the green sheets: '10 edition

• Give your bed a green upgrade

• Pillow talk

• How to get a natural night's sleep

• The comfiest throwdown in town

Take another look at the products in your bathroom

• Mercury among the big losers at the Toxies

What's so eco-unfriendly about antiperspirant? 

• Take an organic shower

• Save green with SEED's green soap and lotion

• Back to basics: Dr. Bronner's Classic Liquid Soaps

 Backs to basics: Kirk's Original Coco Castile Bar Soap

• Captain Can

Check out your cleaning products, too. 

• Back to basics: Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

• Back to basics: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

• Back to basics: ReaLemon

• The spring purge: Triclosan 

• The spring purge: Oven cleaners

• The spring purge: Toilet bowl cleaner

• Martha Stewart Comes Clean

• What health hazards lurk in your cleaning products?

• A very special green home invasion 

• How to make green cleaning supplies

• Sinister Singing suds

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Oil, oil everywhere ... in the home
With the Gulf oil spill in the headlines, it's time to consider all the petroleum-based products you have around the house and how you can avoid them.