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Okay, so I admit that I don’t know my loop handle bypass pruners from my precision pruning snips. So sue me. That’s why we have Martha Stewart to show us the way with her new collection of ergonomic gardening tools for Home Depot. I’m a big fan of Martha’s exclusive output for Home Depot — most recently the Martha Stewart Clean line — and although I don’t have an actual garden to test out the range of Martha Stewart Living Garden Tools, it’s safe to say that they’re the real deal. This is one lady who knows how to operate a loop handle bypass pruner.
The 12-piece Martha Stewart Living Garden Tool collection is reasonably priced with hand tools — trowelcultivatorweeder, and transplanter — retailing for $5.97 and pruning tools — comfort bypass prunerloop handle bypass prunerprecision pruning snipfolding pruning sawswivel grass shear and bypass hand pruner — coming in at the $10 to $16 range. The wavy blade hedge shear and bypass lopper are $19.97 each. Each teal-accented tool is constructed from tough, weather-resistant materials and feature cushioned, non-slip handles for both comfort and safety. 
And, of course, you’ll need something to use your new Martha Stewart Living Garden Tools on which is why HRH Martha has also released a line of USDA certified organic seed packets also available at Home Depot stores (in-store only). The 29 varieties of veggies — ranging from beets to okra to turnips — and nine varieties of herbs are the only organic seeds offered at Home Depot and sell for $1.99 per pack. Considering the amount of guacamole I consume over the summer, I’m thinking that investing in some coriander seeds for a window-farming operation would be wise. Now only if Martha offered mint for my mojitos ... 

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Organic gardening: It's a good thing
Just in time for summer gardening season, Martha Stewart unrolls a line of USDA certified organic veggie and herb seeds and a line of handheld gardening tools a