Sanitation officials in Norway’s garbage-poor capital city of Oslo have come up with a clever method of schooling residents on what exactly is appropriate to flush down the toilet. And the list of approved items is, predictably, rather short: “Bæsj, Tiss, Dopapir.”

As part of a rodent-themed public awareness campaign that aims to sewer blockage-related headaches in the squeaky clean Scandinavian city of over 600,000, blazin’ hot pink stickers have been affixed to over 40 manhole covers around shopping districts and other heavily trafficked areas of the city — stickers that scream in bold, eye-catching text: “Poop, pee, toilet paper” (in case you needed assistance with the translation). Each sticker also has a QR code that directs curious passersby back to the city’s what-not-to-flush campaign page as well as smaller script that explains that by flushing things (coffee grinds, food, kitchen grease, personal wipes, Q-tips, maxi-pads, cigarette butts, goldfish, etc.) that aren’t poop, pee, or bath tissue, you’re “inviting rats into your home.” 

Vivi Paulsen, a senior engineer with the Oslo Water and Sewage Authority explains to The Local: "We chose pink because we thought it was the best way to get people's attention. It's to teach people what they should not throw into the toilet." 

Seems straightforward enough to me. And in addition to stamping hot pink potty talk on city streets, there’s also a contest involved: residents who Instagram the pink manhole stickers (designed by Oslo-based agency Nucleus) with the hashtag #dovett can win a super-fancy Danish trash bin from Vipp to toss those dreaded non-flushables into.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time that the Oslo's water and sewer department has resorted to attention-grabbing stunts as a method of getting people to stop putting things that aren't bodily waste or TP into their commodes: In 2012, a brave gentleman dressed in a bathrobe and clutching plenty of reading material perched himself on a toilet installed atop a very public city column for over a week to spread the message.

Via [The Local] Via [Grist]

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Oslo's hot pink manhole covers spell out what can be flushed down toilets
Oslo officials have taken to decorating manhole covers to help remind residents what's appropriate to flush down the toilet.