If there’s one thing that this weekend’s Go Green Expo in NYC wasn’t short on, it was eco-friendly cleaning products for the home. From J.R. Watkins to Sun & Earth to Wow Green, I was all over these booths like white on rice (even though my heart currently belongs to the Activeion Pro).

One cleaning product outfit not in attendance at Go Green that I’ve had my eye on: New Soap, Old Bottle.

In the wonderful tradition of companies like Terracycle, NSOB packages its product — dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, car wash concentrate, and windshield wiper fluid — in used plastic water and soda bottles and glass beer bottles. Here’s how it works: select the liquid soap of your choice and NSOB will sanitize and spiff up a used bottle. Then, they’ll fill it with a name brand product (they purchase the soap by the barrel and it’s unclear if any are “natural”). For a slightly higher price, they'll fill 'em with their house all-natural blends. 

You can also sell, yes sell, your used soda, water, and beer bottles to NSOB.

All and all, a nifty idea that keeps those bottles circulating but as Design*Sponge readers have noted, its probably not the best idea for households with young kids who might mistake a bottle of surface cleaner for apple juice.

On a related note, I can’t wait to finish up my bottle of Green Depot Liquid Dish Soap so I can take it in to Green Depot’s new store in Manhattan and use one of the super cool refill pumps. Cleaning products on tap = motivation to do dishes, apparently. 

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Papa's got a sorta-new bottle
The folks at New Soap, Old Bottle take the "Y" out of DIY by refilling old plastic and glass bottles with liquid cleaning solutions for you.