Were Lise Lefebvre's faux bear skin rugs a bit too out there for your interior decor tastes? Check out Savannah Story Busts, a line of nifty papier mâché animal busts from Anthropologie that are a tad more aesthetically conventional but no less wild in the creature department. I absolutely love 'em. 
Available in rhinozebra, giraffe and gazelle, these one-of-a-kind jungle critter heads are handmade by Haitian artisans from recycled cement bags that have been layered with the pages of vintage French books. They sell for $68 each, a steal considering the craftsmanship that went into each bust and the fact that they're made in Haiti, a country that could certainly use a little economic pick-me-up. 
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Papier mâché gone wild
In the mood for some exotic eco-decor? Anthropologie's Savannah Story Busts are papier mâché jungle animal heads handmade in Haiti from recycled materials.