A very happy Monday and welcome to part four of "Hiber-Nation," a special series of posts featuring home accessories and other odds and ends geared to make housebound-in-the-winter life a touch more bearable. Whether it's a good book, a cuddle-worthy throw blanket, or a boredom-busting DIY diversion, I've got you covered when it comes to combating the seasonal stuck-at-home-with-nothing-do-and-it's-too-cold-to-venture-outside blues. That said, humans aren't the only ones that can be in desperate need of a good distraction to help pass the time and to ward off the impulse to destroy furniture cabin fever. 

If you own a pet, your furry four-legged housemate may also be feeling restless or depressed during extended cold snaps when their leisurely jaunts around the block have been cut short and their trips to the backyard to terrorize other living creatures are becoming increasingly far and few between. And if a two-legged family member has taken to peeing in the corner of the dining room and gnawing on the ottoman because they've been stricken with a nasty case of wintertime ennui then, well, I don't know what to tell you.

Below, I've wrangled up a dozen distractions for both cats and dogs that may need to let off a little bit of steam and be kept happily preoccupied while stuck indoors on chilly days. And as for full-time indoor cats, they could always use an entertaining new toy or two. Crafted from eco-friendly and/or recycled materials (mostly in the U.S.A.), these items will hopefully prevent the destroying of furniture and lead to one or more of the following activities: chewing, playing, scratching, cuddling, chasing, tugging, pulling, pouncing, blowing off steam, and succumbing to a woozy narcotic daze of the feline variety.

Recycled Canvas Mail Man Dog Toy @ Ore Pet ($7.50)

DJ Catch Scratching Pad by SUCK UK @ UncommonGoods ($35)

Hairball Cat Toy @ West Paw Design ($8)

Toile Bone Toy @ Harry Barker ($8 - $10)

Tug-A-Hemp-Rope @ Olive Green Dog ($2.99 - $11.99)

RecycleBall by Planet Dog @ Branch ($12)

Cardboard Cat TeePee by Loyal Luxe @ UncommonGoods ($35)

Roach Rod with Grey Wool Roach @ Go! Pet Design ($12)

Veggie Pizza Dog Toy @ Olive Green Dog ($17.99)

Sky Scratcher New York City by Mike Estes @ Etsy ($149)

Denim Cube Dog Toy @ Go! Pet Design (3 for $15)

Rocky Mountain High Catnip @ West Paw Design ($8)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Pet playthings: Hiber-Nation '13
Here's a few notable, eco-friendly distractions for antsy pets forced to spend more time indoors due to cruddy weather.