Here’s a lovely, gift-worthy item that I was going to hold off and include in my upcoming Green Monday 2011 Holiday Gift Guide (keep an eye out for that on Nov. 28), but I just couldn’t resist sharing a bit earlier.
From Another Studio, the London-based design firm behind the growable greeting cards known as PostCardens (funny enough, I featured Winter Wonderland PostCardens exactly a year ago today), comes the Plantini tabletop plant house kit.
Designed in collaboration with Glasgow-based model makers Finch & Fouracre, Plantini is a miniature (9.5-centimeter) tall replica of a classic Victorian hothouse that comes as a flat-packed DIY kit with stainless steel pieces that fold and lock together (instructions are included). The kit also comes with a planting pot made from biodegradable bamboo and rice hulls along with a compost disc and viola seedlings. The ornate canopy is fully removable for easy watering and the etched glass panes let light filter in while protecting your seedlings. And although it’s sold as a growing kit, I think this charming little metal structure would make for a great decorative addition to an entryway table, desktop, or windowsill sans plant.
The Plantini is available over at Another Studio’s webstore for £24.95. No word yet if it will be available via stateside retailers, but I’m guessing since PostCardens eventually made their way across the pond, so will this delightful, jewel-like structure. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Plantini: A Victorian hothouse for your tabletop
Modeled after an ornate, 19th-century conservatory, the Plantini is a DIY flat-packed plant house kit made from stainless steel that comes complete with a biode