Yanko Design initially mistakes Luc van Hoeckel's Analog Fan — or "Blow" — a fan that uses "gears and pulleys to generate enough power for 5 minutes of hair blowing wind" for a clock. They weren't the only ones.

The Los Angeles Times celebrates green cleaning products which, according to the newspaper, have had a banner past couple of years. Says former Seventh Generation honcho Jeffrey Hollender: "The last 24 months was a real sea change as large traditional brands are introducing greener or green versions of products. I believe that trend will continue."

Jetson Green marvels over the Fraser Net-Zero Energy House in Fraser, Colo. The beautiful Bryan Bowen Architects-designed abode boasts a 17kW solar array that not only powers the rather large (5,232 square feet) home itself but two electric vehicles as well. 

Inhabitat swoons over the Old Lady Shipping Container House (pictured above) designed by "cargotecture prodigy" Adam Kalkin. This New Jersey residence is composed of five shipping containers and "despite the fact that the home is dubbed the Old Lady House, all of the finishes within it — a concrete floor, large glass panes, sliding doors, stainless steel, beams and columns — speak to an edgy, industrial aesthetic."

Re-Nest shares a few ideas on how you can make a cheap, DIY headboard using materials like burlap, salvaged wood, cardboard and pallets. 

The San Francisco Chronicle lists a bunch of handy-dandy resources for Bay Area residents looking to live more self-reliant lives in 2011.

USATODAY announces the "Best green homes of 2010." The big winner in Green House blogger Wendy Koch's subjective list that includes renovated homes, modular homes, affordable homes, homes built from dirt, and homes built from recycled Boeing 747's? Joe Turner's Passive House Certified Home in Salt Lake City. 

The New York Times takes a look at aquatic habitat projects involving old Christmas trees. In Oakland, Calif., "trees are taken to a different lake each year, where volunteers bundle them and secure them to the lake bed. Within days, the newly denuded branches become covered with algae, which attract aquatic insects, fish and, ultimately, fishermen."

TreeHugger asks: "When Is It Okay to Knock Down Old Houses?" in a thought-provoking blog post about the upcoming demolishment of the Excalibur Prefab Estate in the U.K. 

Builder Magazine forecasts "10 Residential Design Trends for 2011." 

ReadyMade talks trash. While complaining about the totally gross, rat-happy post-Blizzardgate trash situation in NYC, blogger Caitlin Thornton discovers a giant "garbage whale." In Bushwick, Brooklyn, of course.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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