Stylist Home wrangles up five ways to use dish soap aside from the obvious. On that note, anyone out there have any advice on how to remove a set-in grease stain (Tiger Balm, to be exact) from a much-loved upholstered sofa? I tried going the Dawn route, but didn't seem to do the trick. Rubbing alcohol? Dry cleaning solvent? Carpet cleaner? Halp!


Gizmodo examines duct tape in a historical context. "... how did we come up with this miracle on a spool? And what makes one product so good at so much home improvement?"


TreeHugger recommends getting a head-start on home winterization projects with "7 Cheap and (Sort of) Easy Tips That Give You A Bang For Your Buck." On the list? Buy a programmable thermostat, stop air leaks, insulate your hot water heater and pipes, add attic insulation, break out the draft stoppers, etc.


Dwell proves that any sort of building — be it gay bathhouse, church, school, or threshing barn — can be transformed into a lovely private residence through the magic of adaptive reuse.


The Washington Post takes a closer look at the Environmental Working Group's just-released Guide to Healthy Cleaning (you may recall that I featured the EWG's Cleaners Hall of Shame a few months back). Writer Jennifer LaRue Huget has mixed feelings about some aspects of the 2,000-product strong consumer database. "... I'm not convinced that air fresheners such as those made by Glade and Air Wick should be included in the EWG’s 'Hall of Shame' because they can be used as inhalants. Whose fault is it that people misuse these products by huffing them for recreational highs?"


The New York Times Magazine joins mountain-scaling scientist Arlene Blum on her crusade to rid upholstered household furniture of chemical flame retardants.

The Editor at Large reports that the end is nigh: Donny Osmond is releasing a home furnishings line.


The New York Observer shares news that Danish it-boy architect — and recent New Yorker profile subject — Bjarke Ingels' provocative, pyramidic, and proudly green (too sustainable for LEED scoring, apparently) 740-unit residential building on Manhattan's West Side has been unanimously struck down by Community Board 4. The board's main concerns with the audacious Durst Fenter-developed project? Issues surrounding the permanence of affordable housing and parking.


Co.Design proudly presents the 56 finalists in its Innovation by Design Awards. Some truly excellent, forward-thinking stuff to be found across nine different categories including Consumer Products, Interactive Design, and Spaces. Congrats to all!


Grist plays around with Walkonomics, a new "would-be Walk Score killer" that "tells you more than just how close you are to shops and restaurants and other places to which you might want to walk." In other words, the freshly launched website calculates your neighborhood's walk-appeal. Apparently, it has more than a couple of kinks to work out.


Design*Sponge marvels at the "Vegan Taxidermy" creations of artist and Etsy seller Aimée Baldwin.




Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: 16 oz of green home news
New York City may have approved the controversial ban on plus-sized sodas, but this week's green home and garden news roundup is as generous as they come (plus