Design*Sponge gets into the Easter spirit with a look at how to make your very own compostable egg mini-vases, pictured at left. 

TreeHugger takes a gander at "Cornered," a design concept for those who want uninvited household guests of the insect variety out but don't want to kill them: it's a uniquely shaped clear glass designed for the trapping and releasing of creepy, crawly critters. 

Re-Nest wants your honest answer: "No Mix Toilets: Icky Or Ingenious?"

Design Milk chats about bypass pruners, strawberry pots, and watering cans with urban gardening authority Gayla Trail.

USATODAY wonders: is building a green house that's garage-free a good idea? Or a colossal mistake?

The Wall Street enjoys a slice of humble pie in the latest installment of "The Weekend Gardener" column. In it, Bart Ziegler recounts 10 past gardening slip-ups and advises readers not to repeat his own mistakes. 

The Los Angeles Times discusses historic home preservation with a look at how the Darling Wright House in Claremont, California, was treated to an extensive green overhaul that left the home's integrity intact. 

Jetson Green gets excited about the newly-launched Evolution series of eco-prefab homes from Blu Homes. 

Yanko Design digs Turn, a rotary dial-style faucet that encourages water conservation at home. 

ReadyMade instructs on how to build kitchen cabinets out of recycled wine crates. 

Mocoloco admires the Scrap Facet Chair by thinkk.

The New York Times spreads some good news: recently passed new efficiency standards for water heaters will help consumers save over 10 billion greenhouse gas-busting dollars over the next 30 years.

The Guardian asks: "Why don't we use urinals in the home?"

Image: Design*Sponge

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Basket cases
What's in the green home link basket this weekend? Try humane bug catching cups, recycled wine crate cabinets and compostable egg vases for your Easter spread.