Core77 sizes up the newest addition to IKEA's SOLVINDEN solar-powered lighting line: A cordless LED lamp that's powered by both the sun and the wind. Core77 expresses some reservations about this new lighting option (pictured above) that's capable of giving off light for up to 12 hours when fully charged: "What we're not sure of is how the $30 SOLVINDEN is meant to be used, as the stalk on the floor-standing model seems a bit flimsy for permanent outdoor use. With no power cables it's conceivable you could move the lamp from indoors to out each day for a charging session, though that's obviously not practical in cities and certain climes."


Curbed reports that super-charged-up, arrest-prone environmental activist and "Steel Magnolias" actress Daryl Hanna is unloading her "hippie hideaway" —a 17-acre compound — located in a woodsy and wild section of Malibu. The asking price for Elle Driver's off-the-grid digs? $5 million.


The Wall Street Journal openly gawks at some opulent, big-ass pieces of real estate. Sure, the size of the newly constructed American home may be shrinking but, as the WSJ points out, the mega-mansion certainly hasn't fallen out of favor with folks in Dallas, Greenwich, and L.A.'s Brentwood section.


Jetson Green digs the Tiburon Bay House, a lovely Bay Area abode designed by Butler Armsden Architects and built by McDonald Construction & Development, Inc. Rainwater recycling, rooftop photovoltaics, recycled building materials, and some crazy water views are just a few highlights of this LEED Platinum home. 


TreeHugger tours a tiny Seattle home recently treated to a terrific modernization courtesy of Atelier Drome. Explain the architects: "Obviously, the most green aspect of the project is its size. At only 600sf, we're using less materials for construction and significantly less energy to run the home. But, we also tried to include other sustainable design features including salvaged materials (oak flooring for the kitchen, wood sliding glass door, wall oven and microwave, framing lumber, and baseboard trim), energy efficient appliances (combo washer/dryer, on-demand water heater), and added insulation."



Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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