Happy Friday, everyone.

Even though I'm not really a qualified outdoorsman (okay, not at all) I'm heading up to the Finger Lakes region of New York this weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of my friend and fabulous artist, Molly Mullahy, in the middle of nowhere. In the woods. In a tent. In somewhere called Moravia.
I've packed a giant bag of compostable cutlery (my contribution to the party supplies), a canteen full of rum (it's supposed to be chilly out), and a pack of biodegradable hand wipes (we're barbecuing). I'm also going to try and follow my own advice when it comes to bathroom etiquette while camping. Let's just call this excursion the "Blair Ditch Project."
In the event I don't make it out of the woods alive, please remember me by checking out this assortment of green home links from across the web and from MNN. 

Dwell steps inside the humble abode of Andreas Stavropoulos: a 1959 Aistream Trailer (pictured above) that's situated in a co-op garden in North Berkeley, Calif. Lucky for Andreas, one of his neighbors is the landmark sustainable restaurant, Chez Panisse. 

The Los Angeles Times profiles the determined turf scientists of the University of California, Riverside who are working to develop drought- and pest-resistant grass.  

The Wall Street Journal previews a range of energy-saving, grid-connected "smart" appliances set to be released including a line of dryers from Whirlpool that can save users in the ballpark of $20 to $40 a year. 

TreeHugger warns consumers to "Be Careful When You Shop for Compact Fluorescents." 

Inhabitat admires Inke Heiland's Birdhouse Lamp. It's a really beauty made from 100 percent salvaged French Oak and comes with a CFL bulb. 

The San Francisco Chronicle rounds up five must-have garden tools. Making the cut is the Bug Blaster and the Kangaroo Pop-Up Bag. 

Ecofriend digs De Dietrich's Onis Dishwasher that recycles water and replaces detergents with vinegar and ultrasound. Yes, ultrasound. 

Dornob just says no ... to low-flow shower heads with a look at a shower head filter that aids air to the middle of water drops resulting in dramatic water savings without sacrificing the nice, steady streams provided by full-power shower heads. 

The Washington Post tackles a distinctly eco-home dilemma: "How To Address a Problem With Bamboo Flooring." 

There's also been tons of great home-related posts published by some of my MNN co-bloggers this week:

Robin dispenses advice on how to reuse old coffee cans around the kitchen. 

Siel gets her apartment tidied up by an eco-friendly cleaning service called Green Cleaner Los Angeles. 

Melissa reports that the CEO of the USGBC has titled Brad Pitt's Make It Right New Orleans the "the largest and greenest community of single-family homes in the world."

and Jenn shares some ideas on how to make DIY doll house furniture out of recycled household objects and craft supplies. 

Photo: Dwell

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Does a blogger post in the woods?
I'll be camping this weekend. While I'm off the grid getting my Thoreau on, check out these fresh green home links.