Happy Friday! As you you’re probably aware, next Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Actually, all of next week and the entire month of April have kind of morphed into Earth Week/Month and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Next week, I’ll be step outside of the home and blog about a few eco-events happening in my neck of the woods, NYC, including an Earth Day hoedown thrown by the Urban Divers Estuary Conservancy. Remember, while I do focus on ways to go green at home, supporting environmental efforts around your home, in your neighborhood and greater community, are just as vital. What do you have lined up for next week?

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming: a dozen green home links collected from around the interwebs especially for your perusal. Enjoy. 

GOOD reviews the basics with "How To: 13 Steps to Droughtproofing Your Home." Biggies on the list? Running the dishwasher and washing machines only with full loads, installing a "smart sprinkler system," timing your showers, and watering your yard in the early morning.

Sunset has college lit flashbacks (paging Virginia Woolf) while touring Lisa Phipps' backyard garden shed/retreat built from salvaged materials. That's it pictured at right.

The Los Angeles Times chats with the tenants of Casa Dominguez, an affordable, eco-friendly housing project. 

Yanko Design has Super Mario Brothers flashbacks while admiring the Ripe Radish, a solar-powered lawn lamp that doubles as a flowerpot. 

Design Milk gives props to the Science Project Collection, a series of eco-friendly pillows from Heather Linds. Each pillow — Anatomy, Botany, and Geology — is made from wool and have a Sensuede (an ultra-suede-like material made from recycled plastic bottles) applique. 

Re-Nest reviews Green Toad, a new system of recyclable, ergonomically sound household paint brushes.

Dwell hits up Pieterjan Mattan, the project director responsible for the intriguing Backpack Sofa prototype, a collaboration between Eastpak and Belgian design house Quinze & Milan. I suppose it would appeal to outdoorsy types who enjoy home furnishings with lots of, um, zippers.

Inhabitat steps inside the Nano. Billed as the "world's smallest sustainable home," this 200-square foot abode boasts solar panels, a green roof, and more eco-features. And I thought apartments in the East Village were tiny...

TreeHugger checks in from the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair (sigh...) with a look at an new line of eco-friendly, high end furnishings from Italian manufacturer Moroso. 

Jetson Green is astounded that the green prefab movement has moved into rather unlikely territory: chicken coop construction.

The Daily Green gets the DIY dish from Eric Wilheim, the very smiley founder of Instructables.com. 

The Christian Science Monitor asks: "Environmentally friendly detergents: Are they for you?"

Image: Sunset/William P. Wright, Sharon Cohoon

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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