​Eco Salon is kind of enough to share "5 Ways to Overcome Rental Decor Fatigue." For those of us who can't resort to "drilling holes, knocking down walls or refitting the bathroom," writer Sarah Lewis-Hammond recommends gussying up your pad with an arsenal of (non-PVC) peelable wall stickers, photographs, plants, funky storage options and flea market furniture.


TreeHugger singles out Studio Albori's simply lovely wood-clad abode in the Italian Alps, Casa Solare, as passive solar design at its best.


Jetson Green admires Sweet Pea, a simply lovely (550-square-feet) dwelling that just also happens to be a houseboat. As explained by Preston over at JG, Sweet Pea, the creation of Olympia, Wash.-based builder Mike Auderer, is the first floating home moored in the Puget Sound to be certified by Built Green. That's the vessel pictured up top.


The Hairpin recruits "Clean Person" extraordinaire Jolie Kerr to get to the bottom of a most perplexing quandary: "What to do about an oven that smells like pee?" Explains a perplexed Hairpin reader: "Whenever the old gas range in my new apartment gets turned on, ​the room gradually fills with the smell of urine. Like, stale, nasty urine-stink." Delightful! (And worrisome).


EcoHome takes a peek at  the winning entries in the Architecture Foundation of British Columbia's 100 Mile House Design Competition (you can check out my post on this intriguing, locavore-inspired contest here). The first-place winner, Myco Home from Vancouver native (natch) Tony Osborn, "emphasizes innovative materials, such as a mushroom-growing block system called Myco-Brix, as well as community-involved construction methods, whereby neighbors help build each other’s homes in exchange for future labor on their own structures."


Curbed LA reports that the 60-year-old tradition of erecting nativity scenes in Santa Monica's Palisades Park during the holidays has been discontinued due to continuing pressure — and infiltration —from non-jolly atheist groups. Explains Curbed: "The city council struggled for weeks over the issue, punting on a vote at an earlier hearing and exploring some very creative worst-case scenarios for the future of the tradition — including a gigantic sign refuting the events of the holocaust or a picture of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"'s Leatherface standing over the wee baby Jesus."


The Los Angeles Times picks the cream of the crop on the tomato cage market. Six different L.A. garden pros weigh in with their choices.


Co. Design marvels over Jake Dyson's (yes, the son of that British vacuum cleaner genius) CSYS LED task light. Concludes writer Mark Wilson: "As of today, the CSYS is going on the market as one of the most expensive table lamps you’ve probably ever seen — priced at $900. As ridiculous as that may appear, their own math argues that over 30 years, the lamp’s energy and bulb savings (against CFLs) will actually save the buyer money while helping the environment. Then again, that logic might not be so reassuring, given that the CSYS will probably be saving you all that money long after your own torch has gone dark."


Gizmag welcomes the John Deere Tango E5 to the robo-lawnmower party.


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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