I hope everyone has a festive, fun Halloween weekend. Remember to perform a little ceiling fan maintenance while setting back your clocks on Sunday and don't forget to recycle those pumpkins! Tonight, I plan on settling down with apple cider and a couple of scary movies. The Wicker Man, a Halloween favorite of mine, is queued up and ready to go ... anyone have any other recommendations? On Saturday night, I'll be the sweaty dude at an art gallery in Williamsburg wearing the panda ski mask. Can't miss me. 

Designboom gets into the Halloween spirit with a look at remarkable pumpkin carving designs including the "drunken pumpkins" pictured below. 

The Houston Chronicle partakes in some horrific horticulture with a look at "Halloween plants from the dark side." 

Reader's Digest talks business with Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry, the two young eco-entrepreneurs behind Method, this messy blogger's favorite line of green household cleaners and laundry products. 

Ecofriend takes a look at LINTERNA, a new concept in affordable, shipping container home design from firm Group41.

The Boston Globe bundles up for a visit to the Hare family home in Roxbury, Mass. where the heat will stay off this winter. The airtight home will get its warmth from appliances, sunlight, and, of course, the body heat of its inhabitants. 

TreeHugger finds elegance amongst decomposition with the $300 Valentina Composter from designer Priscilla Woolworth. 

The Washington Post lays it all out in a guide on how to get government green from performing from energy-saving home improvements. 

The Guardian gets graph-crazy as the Google Powermeter, Googe's online household power monitoring tool, makes its British debut. 

The Los Angeles Times sits down to peruse Robert Greenlee's new book, The American Meadow Garden. Greenlee is a trailblazing sustainable nurseryman that once equated keeping a lawn in Southern California with "eco-terrorism." 

Trend Hunter goes photo crazy with a cool slideshow of "50 Urban Gardens: Green Spaces for Those Stuck in the Concrete Jungle." 

Re-Nest cozies up with Jeanette Farrier's beautiful blankets made from vintage saris.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Ghastly, gruesome and green
Put down the fake blood for a moment and check out these non-scary links before starting in on this weekend's macabre merrymaking.