​Apartment Therapy takes a turn for the precious with a look at 8 pearls of home organization wisdom as gleaned from "The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room." On writer Nancy Mitchell's list? "Label everything," "Make it pretty," and "Pegboards are totally boss."


Gizmodo lets out a big manly grunt before recommending "10 Power Tools Everyone Should Own." A hammer drill/driver from Bosch, a Black & Decker string trimmer, an infrared thermometer from Ryobi, and a beauty of a self-propelled lawnmower from Toro all make the cut.


The Atlantic Cities shares a few tips on how to uncover the unique history of your old/historic home since, the last time I checked, walls still aren't capable of talking. Among the recommend methods? Take a closer look at things like the bricks in the basement and the rafters in the attic; dig for treasures in the backyard; familiarize yourself with the history of your neighborhood and/or town; and don't be afraid to chat up the neighbors, local business owners, and the mailman. My own suggestion? Watch the 1980 George C. Scott haunted mansion flick, "The Changeling."


Curbed NY wrangles up the 10 best quotes from this week's voyeur-delighting NY Times article on what it's like to live directly above/next to the pretty but perpetually mobbed elevated park otherwise known as The High Line. My favorite of the many choice quotes comes from a 25-year-old resident of Ten23: "Whenever I have my blinds open, I make sure my apartment looks pristine." How kind! And writer Steven Kurutz's description of what it's like to walk/peep on The High Line couldn't be more dead on: "Walking this neighborhood in the sky is like finding yourself in a mash-up of 'Blade Runner' and 'Rear Window.' The thrill isn’t the wide angle, but the close-up, being at eye level with high-rise apartments and the people inside them."


Jetson Green admires a stunning modern green prefab from Marmol Radziner set amongst an equally stunning backdrop: Moab, Utah. The asking price for this glass-heavy vacation retreat in the middle of the desert? Well, it's also stunning at nearly $3 million. That's the Hidden Valley Home pictured up top.


Metropolis praises the Delta, Voltaic Solaire's game-changing, energy-sipping apartment building located just a stone's throw from my own digs on the edge of Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens nabe. Writes Paul Clemence of the 100 percent solar-powered masterwork of urban self-sufficiency: "In thinking about the enormous needs of the thousands of energy leaking buildings in New York City, I see the Delta as a beacon of hope for what our real estate industry can become." Hey Voltaic Solaire, how about treating this nosey neighbor to a tour?


The Wall Street Journal beats the relentless summertime heat by seeking refuge in a shade garden.


The New York Times tours the lovely n' large (4,100-square-feet) Winter Park, Fl. residence of real estate developer Carl Strang and his wife Sheryll. The eco-friendly home, which includes not one but two rooftop solar arrays (one heats the pool, natch), was designed by Strang's architect son, Max, who describes just one of his papa's early energy-conserving efforts: “In the late ’70s, and into the early ’80s, he would always try to see how far he could go without turning on the air-conditioner, much to the discomfort of the family. He’d try to go into June, when it would be 90.”


TreeHugger has your back with a list of techniques used to deter sticky fingers in community gardens. One tip is to grow sticky/stinging plants like nettles or rose bushes to "provide security against intruders." Or, avoid growing coveted crops like tomatoes and pepper that are likely to be snatched up in a community setting. Instead, grow expensive veggies closer to home where you can keep a close eye on 'em.



Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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