The New York Times exposes the guilt-inducing green foibles of several eco-living authorities: Josh Dorman (disposable diapers), Danny Seo (spray paint, glue, a SUV), Eric Corey Freed (a swimming pool), and the list goes on. While we're being honest, two not-so-green constants in my life are Mister Clean Magic Erasers and non-vintage clothing.

The Guardian goes on a highbrow holiday to examine five of writer Alain de Botton's Living Architecture homes (including the Balancing Barn, pictured above). These modern vacation rental homes in the UK aim to "correct the fleeting way in which we experience most modern architecture: sleeping in a place changes your perception".

Jetson Green admires the Inspired In-Law Cottage, a $65,000 accessory dwelling unit that boasts numerous eco-friendly features. It's on display now at West Coast Green 2010 in San Francisco.

TreeHugger spotlights "10 Great, Green Design Products from IKEA." On the list are items such as banana fiber baskets and solar-powered desk lamps.

The Daily Green picks up some biodynamic gardening tips from Maria Walle, garden manager for German natural skincare powerhouse, Weleda. Interesting tidbit: Weleda was actually founded by Rudolph Steiner, the brains behind biodynamic agriculture.

The Wall Street Journal travels to the front line as volunteer armies brandishing "shovels, chain saws, and souped-up farm equipment" wage war against weeds.

The San Francisco Chronicle marvels at a stylish, sustainable pool house in Sonoma Wine Country. The Chronicle describes the 2-story structure as "an exercise in green building and communing with nature."

Designboom tours a modern home in Poland that sports a most unique focal point in the living room: a grass coffee table.

Inhabitat takes of its shoes and enters Healthy Home 2010, a large (5800 square feet) toxin-free showcase home in the Chicago suburbs. The home, "a groundbreaking designer showhouse that sets a new benchmark for stylish green living with a focus on healthier indoor air quality," is sponsored by Healthy Child Healthy World.

Re-Nest cozies up to a list of "The 10 Best Organic Bedding Sources."

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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