TreeHugger has an important PSA: "Don't Forget Home Star: The Green Bill Everyone Can Agree On."

GOOD offers sage advice on how to move into a new home — my least favorite thing to do, ever, btw — while minding your waste.

The San Francisco Chronicle lists the "20 best backyard projects." Included are building a raised garden bed, installing a DIY outdoor shower, and creating an outdoor chandelier with an old wire basket and some mason jars. 

Re-Nest suggests "5 Places to Score Free Coffee Grounds for Compost." On the list: gas stations, 24 hour diners, coffee shops, hotels, and the office. 

The Daily Green shares "13 Amazing Facts about Green Roofs." 

ReadyMade takes a gander at Stefan Sagmeister's Darwin Chair (pictured above). Designed for Droog, this unique seat is attached with 200 Tyvek prints (they're recyclable) that can be torn off like paper as they become worn or when you become bored with them. 

Grist debuts "My Intentional Life,"  the first ever comic strip to be published by the eco-news website. The comic's Friends meets the Sierra Club plot is about "Gabriel Willow, and his pals Josh, Hunny, and Tracie, real-life roommates who are trying to live a more sustainable life in a Brooklyn brownstone." 

The New York Times tracks the pet-centric home design trend. Cute animals photos and questionable design decisions abound ... 

Jetson Green admires James Glave's stunning "Eco-Shed," a backyard writing studio on British Columbia's Bowen Island that the Almost Green author built for $100,000. 

The Daily Mail ogles actor Pierce Brosnan's opulent £6.5 million Malibu 'eco palace' that's due to be completed in December. Neighbors include Goldie Hawn, Cher, and ... wait for it ... Mel Gibson.

Image: Droog

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Greener by the numbers
Included in this week's eco-home roundup: 13 green roof factoids, 5 places to snag free coffee grounds, the 20 best backyard projects and a single chair with 2