Earth Hour is this Saturday at 8:30 pm, so get ready to do some serious light flipping to the off position. Trust me, you'll survive the whole 60 minutes and you certainly won't be alone — millions of others will also be doing the deed. And if you head to the Space Needle or the Empire State Building to seek refuge from the dark, you're out of luck ... these monuments, along with others, will be going dark to help combat climate change.

Advice columnist Chanie has suggestions on what to do with yourself during Earth Hour and for auxiliary illumination ideas, head on over to my posts on eco-flashlights and LED flameless candles. It goes without saying, before the lights go out check out these assorted green home links.

Fast Company gives props to Greenaid, an urban gardening project in Los Angeles that finds two art school grads transforming vintage quarter candy machines into "seed bomb" dispensers. 

USA TODAY conjures Lewis Carroll, Samuel Beckett, and Joseph Heller in a great piece about permits — and patience — from "Green House" columnist Wendy Koch. 

The New York Times is sow very ready to get planting in a trend piece about container gardens. 

Yanko Design takes a seat on "Aves," a nifty wooden bench with a built-in ceramic birdbath. 

Dwell takes a peek at some very photogenic toolbox staples like carpentry pencils, levels, and rafter saws in a photo slideshow by Bruce Greenlaw. 

The Village Voice rounds up a most contemptible crew: "New York's Ten Worst Landlords." 

TreeHugger wonders "How Bad is Memory Foam?" in a new sleep-centric "Ask Pablo" column. 

Slate refuses to be stumped when it comes to left-field recycling queries dealing with packing tape, staples, and pizza boxes. 

Jetson Green admires accessories, accessory dwellings that is, with a look at the super cute, sustainable work of Seattle-based prefab firm, FabCab (aka Fabulous Cabin). 

The Los Angeles Times talks towels, tea vs. paper, in an excellent column from the "The Recyclist," Rene Lynch. 

Re-Nest lists "Water-Saving Kitchen Faucets: 10 Models From High to Low."

Photo: Steve and Sarah

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Lights out!
Seed bombs, birdbath benches, photogenic tools and literary allusions galore in this edition of 'Playing catch up.' Plus, Earth Hour 2010.