Bustler shares news that three winning teams have been selected out of a group of 12 finalists to redesign three in-need-of-work sections of Washington, D.C.'s National Mall (a.k.a. "America's Front Yard"). They are Davis Brody Bond and Gustafson Guthrie Nichol (Union Square); OLIN and Weiss/Manfredi (the Washington Monument Grounds at the Sylvan Theater); and Rogers Marvel Architects and Peter Walker and Partners (Constitution Gardens). That's a rendering of the revamp Constitution Gardens from team numero three pictured up top. 


The Wall Street Journal tracks the rising popularity of TODs (transit-oriented developments), sprawl-busting mixed-use neighborhoods that place an emphasis on easy access to nearby train and commuter rail stations. 


TIME braces itself for "Walden" the video game. Yes, you read that correctly: an in-development role-playing video game based on Henry David Thoreau's 19th-century handbook to deliberate living and marrow-sucking. Explains TIME: "The digital Walden Pond will showcase a first-person point-of-view where you can wander through the lush New England foliage, stop to examine a bush and pick some fruit, cast a fishing rod, return to a spartan cabin modeled after Thoreau’s and just roam around the woods, grappling with life’s unknowable questions." I'm not really sure what to say about this one ... 


Apartment Therapy wonders: Where all yous Gen X and Gen Y gardeners at?


The Editor At Large reviews the results of the fourth annual Green Home Furnishings Consumer Study conducted by the Sustainable Furnishings Council with the support of eco-friendly sofa demigods, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Surveying 432 female homeowners between the ages of 30 and 60, the survey spotlights key areas including awareness, purchase interest and pricing.


SmartPlanet previews the biggest, baddest and brightest ideas set to debut at this year's annual Lightfair show taking place (May 9-11) in a city with no dearth of light fixtures: Las Vegas.


Jetson Green steps inside Santa Fe's Shoebox House, a lovely LEED Platinum abode with a stucco exterior that was built for less than $200 per square foot. Praxis Design/Build is behind the 1,700-square-foot home that was completed in less than seven months.


Co.Design gives props to a Japanese A-frame home that's built around a pair of gawky but loveable trees that climb, unobstructed, through openings punched into the overhang of the roof.


Dwell is smitten with a solar panel-clad vacation compound on Canada's Georgian Bay that's shared by two city-dwelling couples. I'll take one of those giant "nap swings," please.


The Hairpin is currently enrolling for Laundry School. Clean Person extraordinaire Jolie Kerr wants to help, even if it just means reviewing the basics (separating, loading, cycle selection, drying, folding): "I would be more than willing to go through the basics of laundry, of course! I mean, who loves gabbing about laundry more than me? Maybe the Maytag Man, but we all know that guy's a close-talking pervert. Plus I've got wine."


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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