Gawker mourns the cancelation of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." ABC's weekly "Kleenex-sponsored cry-athon" will air for the final time on Jan. 13 with four special, one-off episodes due for 2012. What will become of host/professional megaphone screamer Ty Pennington? And all those buses with nowhere to be moved?!

TreeHugger is liking the looks of 4857 Broadway, Peter Gluck and Partners' long-delayed eight-story prefab apartment building due to be built in Manhattan's Inwood section.


The Hairpin unveils "A Clean Person's Holiday Gift Guide." On "Ask a Clean Person" columnist Jolie Kerr's list? Citrus Lace Dishwashing Gloves, a lint shaver, a "Good Housekeeping" subscription, and the Bad Air Sponge, "a swell little stocking stuffer or Yankee Swap item for the person in your life who has a fish-cooking neighbor, a used-car-with-lingering-smoke-smell issue, or a cat they refuse to get rid of (seriously)."


Curbed marvels at the "All Time Laziest Attempt at Holiday Decorating." As pictured above, it's fantastically lazy stuff but as it turns out, someone in Chicago beat this piggybacking Beaverton, Ore., homeowner to the punch. Double lazy points!


Jetson Green takes a peek inside (via video) of pH Living Sanctuary, the healthiest factory-built home in all of Quakertown, PA. The Sanctuary is a prototype home for the Malibu-based builder "of aesthetically pleasing homes for who are extremely environmentally conscious or suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities." Paging Carol White ...

The New York Times has a good chuckle at a few "Holiday Gaffes That Keep Giving." Take for instance the designer who decided to bedeck her Christmas tree in white feathers only to have her cats eat them (and vomit them back up) and watch her husband suffer from a severe allergic reaction. Or then there's the apartment that almost burnt to the ground because of a highly combustible mah-jong menorah. 


Re-Nest raids the cupboards for a few tree sap-removing remedies including peanut butter, mayo, and isopropyl alcohol.


The Oregonian admires a "beautiful midcentury-esque" modular home installed on a former Christmas tree farm on scenic Sauvie Island near Portland. Designed by Stillwater Dwellings, "the stunning two-story house, with its curving front walk, mature landscape dotted with newer plants, and double glass-door entry, contradicts the expectations of a house largely built in a factory."


The Washington Post comes bearing hair-pullingly idiotic news: House Republicans — including unabashedly bigoted incandescent lady-warrior Michele Bachmann — have successfully managed to delay the much fussed about 2007 light bulb efficiency standards that were to kick off in Jan. 2012. But does it even really matter at this point? MNN's own Russell McLendon has more on the latest in the light bulb wars.   



Video screenshot: KPTV

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