The New York Times checks in with the always-inventive gang at TerraCycle, the most fabulous "waste solution development" company in all of New Jersey (or perhaps the entire world). Founded by Princeton dropout Tom Szaky and boasting a design team headed by "trash evangelist" and "ReMake it!" author Tiffany Threadgould, the 10-year old company turned a modest profit for the first time this year. 

The Washington Post has a few thoughts on dealing with "the garden police." Talking with "How the Government Got in Your Backyard" authors Jeff Gillman and Eric Heberlig, columnist Adrian Higgings writes: "Does government belong in our gardens? Absolutely. Who wants neighbors with extremely toxic pesticides or who create public nuisances that degrade a whole community? But there are times when government might go too far. The popular view of what constitutes a landscape is narrow, and those limitations are probably shared by the people who make laws and those who enforce them."

Jetson Green gets a load of a net-zero energy i-house — Clayton Homes' design-y and green $75K manufactured home  — that's open for tours at Green Bridge Farm, an eco-friendly development in Effingham County, Georgia. That's the home pictured up top. 

Dwell partakes in some good, old-fashioned real estate voyeurism with a look at a few (architecturally) famous homes on the market including Dennis Hopper's Venice, Calif. beach house and a Frank Lloyd Wright stunner in Houston. 

Core77 admires the gorgeous handiwork of salvaged wood furniture maker and Artists for Humanity mentor Jamison Sellers. 

The Wall Street Journal unwinds at the prettiest sod-roofed pool house in all the land ... that land being East Hampton. 

TreeHugger digs Reclaiming Brooklyn's Branch Lamp, a $1,000 light fixture made from metal shims, a cord, a light bulb, a spun aluminum shade, and a gigantic tree branch felled during a freak tornado that hit Brooklyn last fall. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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