USA TODAY celebrates the completion of Green House blogger Wendy Koch's right-sized, energy-efficient home in Falls Church, Va. Koch, who moved into the LEED Platinum-aspiring abode wit her family last month, writes: "We're acclimating. A modern home in a traditional neighborhood brings lots of stares, especially when you haven't had a chance to order shades for the 16-foot wide, 10-foot tall sliding glass doors to your living room. Cars slow down as they go by, and walkers sometimes wave. We wave back, even if we have no idea who they are." Congrats, Wendy! 

The Stranger unleashes the latest installment of "Wildlife Caught in Embarrasing [sic] Places," a "salacious look at the latest animal-on-neighborhood action" in Seattle. In the Laurelhurst nabe, "a deer was sighted by a number of neighborhood residents, who predictably fawned over it." 

Designboom digs "Sommerhaus Piu," an absolutely lovely wood-clad prefab cabin from Hanover, Germany-based industrial designer Patrick Frey and architect Björn Götte. That's the super-dreamy vacation home pictured above. I've already mentally transported myself there about 10 times in the last hour.

The San Francisco Chronicle discusses with intersection of modern architecture and shubbery with "Nature Framed" author Eva Hagberg. Check out my preview of the book here. (Good seeing you the other night, Eva!)

Re-Nest invades the artsy, "ample"-sized Santa Barbara residence of Joan and Jim Tanner. Filled with Sears appliances, mismatched furniture, and "swell objects," the couple describe their style as "Contemporary/eclectic/old stuff from the 30s – 50s / regressive and handmade."

The Washington Post delves into "Grey Gardens" territory with the story of an eccentric, 67-year old freelance art-curator named James Walton Magee and his refusal to let go of a vacant and decaying eyesore of a family home that he owns in D.C.'s chichi Wesley Heights neighborhood, an area that's recently become filled with what Magee calls "suburban dreck." According to the Post, the crumbling home is "the at the center of an epic feud between Magee and his neighbors that has drawn the attention of three mayoral administrations, two D.C. Council members, the water utility, the police and every level of the city’s building code enforcement bureaucracy." 

Jetson Green observes Shed Week with a look at a cute little (400-square feet) prefab retreat from studios that looks right at home plunked down in the middle of a woodsy lot in glamourous Slough, U.K. (the setting of the original BBC series, "The Office" in case it sounded familiar). 

Slate is head over heels in love with an LED light bulb from Switch Lighting. The 75-watt replacement bulb described as an "incandescent from the future" with "a wavy metallic structure that looks like the wings of a badminton birdie," garnered plenty of attention at the Lightfair Trade show this past May in Philadelphia. 

The Wall Street Journal takes a whiff of inoffensive, garden-grown potpourri that "has nothing to do with those saccharine stink bombs."

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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