TreeHugger rolls out a slideshow focusing on surprises at Greenbuild 2009. 
Re-Nest introduces us to a fabulous new green design firm called Little Pond Design. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and strives to promote happy, healthy homes through eco-friendly design choices. 
The Los Angeles Times plays with PlantCam, a new time-lapse digital camera for recording plant growth. It's made by WingNuts the same folks who brought us the Audubon BirdCam. 
Ideal Bite hops on the holiday express with a piece covering long-lasting, low-energy LED Christmas lights.
Inhabitat admires a remarkable, energy-positive house (it generates excess clean power that's fed back into the power grid) that's currently being built outside of Malmo, Sweden. The home, called Villa Akarp, is pictured up top. 

Jetson Green updates us on the Clayton i-House, an affordable, energy efficient, prefab home from the country's largest manufactured home builder. 


NPR discusses a topic sure to send cleaning fanatics into a tizzy: household dust. 


The Washington Post addresses a fairly common backyard gardening issue: protecting it from an "Invasion of the two-legged veggie snatchers."


Yanko Design cleans out the closet and discovers HangSavvy Eco-friendly Recycled Waste Paper Hangers. You can buy 'em at the YD store. 


The Wall Street Journal investigates the slow demise of the McMansion (yay!) and rise of smaller, greener homes. 


The San Francisco Chronicle advises on how to successfully navigate antique flea markets. 


and finally MNN's own Siel tracks some exciting eco news in California: new energy efficiency rules for televisions.


Image: Karin Adalbert via Greenline


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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