The Washington Post poses an excellent question: In the digital age, has the Old Farmers Almanac, now in its 218th year, become obsolete? Old Farmers Almanac editor Janice Stillman doesn't seem to think so. 

TreeHugger checks out the work of Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso who makes furnishings like stools and trash cans out of post-consumer recycled plastic. 

The Los Angeles Times lists off various native plants — hedges, small trees, flowers, shrubs and more — that thrive when irrigated with reclaimed gray water. 

Forbes picks up an interesting, encouraging AP story about a new study that pushes for all new homes in Texas to be built with net-zero solar capabilities. 

Dwell visits X House, a beautiful, bucolic getaway (pictured above) in Hennepin, Ill., about 100 miles Southeast of Chicago.

Re-Nest gawks at Regretsy, a website that spotlights the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly of popular handcrafted e-marketplace, Etsy. 

Jetson Green reports on "Six Clever Products in the Pipeline" at the West Coast Green expo in San Francisco. The products were part of the Innovation Pipeline exhibition which J.G. deemed as being paltry this year, probably due to the economy. 

Good investigates a serious, topical issue: the home canning fad, aka "the can-volution." The article reports that canning supply sales were up 30 percent in 2008 due to renewed interest in local foods, fear of contamination from processed canned foods, and the shaky economy. 

This Old House examines "10 Myths About Being Green at Home." Lots of interesting topics are discussed from the effectiveness of programmable thermostats to the smelliness of compost to the future of incandescent bulbs. 

The New York Times talks biz with news that Dow Chemical will be manufacturing solar paneled roof shingles that can be easily integrated into asphalt tiled roofs. 

Photo: Dwell


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: X House marks the spot
Wrangled up for your weekend enjoyment: big news from Dow Chemical, a "can-volution" and a visit to a pastoral paradise called X House.