Happy Friday! This weekend it’s all about celebrating everything and anything maternal and that, naturally, includes Mamma Nature. So in between all the huggin’, brunchin’, and photo oppin’, take a few moments to peruse these fresh green home links. And be sure to check out all of MNN’s Mother’s Day coverage including my special MILG (Mom I’d Like to Green) Gift Guide

See you on Monday with coverage from this weekend’s 2010 BKLYN Designs show. And yep, that's me and my momma (nice shades!) below. 

Grist tests out several popular "green(er)" dishwasher detergents from companies like Seventh Generation and Ecover. 

The New York Times explores the vertical gardening movement in an in-depth trend piece. 

Re-Nest advises on "How to Read Labels and Avoid Toxic Cleaning products." 

The Los Angeles Times provides an outlet for Jeff Spurrier (AKA The Master Gardener in Training) to expound on the finer points of composting. 

The Wall Street Journal goes behind the scenes at the testing labs of Consumer Reports magazine. Interesting tidbit: for washing machine testing, the magazine spends over $20,00 annually on strips of fabric pre-stained with coffee, pigs' blood, wine, and other gunk. 

Design Milk digs Icelandic designer Lyng's wool felt trivets inspired by the country's unique, not to mention volatile, landscape. 

Jetson Green takes a gander at the Modules, a 72-unit prefabricated, LEED-certified apartment complex under construction in Philadelphia. My favorite part? There are more bike storage spots than parking spaces. 

TreeHugger examines design student Heather Borozny's Rocket Condo concept that replaces recycled shipping containers with old/surplus subway cars. 

Design*Sponge shares a photo recap of the annual Housing Works (my favorite NYC nonprofit) Design on a Dime show. All proceeds from this year's event will go to the 874 Jefferson Avenue Project, a green housing development for formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS. 

Ecofriend rounds up "8 Greenhouses Made Using Sustainable Materials." 

Travel & Leisure talks a leisurely stroll along a beautiful new raised walkway made from recycled wood and metal at Philadelphia's Morris Arboretum. 

Fast Company gives the thumbs up to the Morning Glory, a gorgeous, solar-powered LED lamp designed by Dutch design student Wendy Legro. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Playing catch up: Your momma so green ...
On this week's green home catch up list: eco-friendly dish detergents, subway car condos and vertical gardens. And don't forget to call your mother!