Hulger, the London-based design firm responsible for the Plumen 001 — the prettiest, most museum-worthy compact fluorescent you ever did see — has taken to Kickstarter seeking help in expanding its signature range of sculptural, energy-saving light bulbs that consume a mere 11 watts and look remarkably stylish while doing so.

Back in the fall of 2012, Hulger released Baby Plumen, a bulb that which was essentially a petite-sized, 9W version of the original, iconic Sam Wilkinson-designed Plumen bulb that itself was concieved espressly in reaction to the clunky, inelegent design of standard CFL bulbs. With this newest member of the Plumen family, Plumen 002, there's not so much a departure in size from its predecessor. It's a departure in form: Plumen 002 is less curvy, decidedly more conservative, pared-down. In other words, it's not quite the attention-grabbing “centrepiece” that the much-lauded, game-changing Plumen 001 is. Still, it’s a striking, adventurous product that, like its older sibling, has "designer" written all over it and, in turn, is meant to be flaunted instead of obscured under a fabric shade.

Aside from its decidedly more seductive/less showy looks, Plumen 002 is markedly more "mellow" when it comes to performance:

Our first bulb, the Plumen 001, is an alternative for the 60W incandescent light bulb. It is great for most situations, but not for all. It works for areas that need to be bright, but isn't always perfect for dimly lit ambient spaces, like bars, coffee shops or your living room. Places where warmer tones define a texture and softness in the atmosphere — that's where the 002 comes in.

The Plumen design team goes on to explain that as a 30W replacement bulb, Plumen 002 is specifically designed for placement in the “coziest of contexts” where the “beautiful and seductive” warmth cast by traditional incandescent bulbs is desired but where the cost/wastefulness associated with said warmth isn’t. At 7W with an output of 290 lumens and a color temperature of 2500 - 2700K, Plumen 002 consumes 25 percent less energy than traditional 30W filament bulbs.

Anywhere you want light to set the mood, where you might normally think of using a 30W filament bulb, you can use the 002. The Plumen 002 has a sculptural and clearly defined form that makes will resonate with square and rectangular spaces where it will usually hang. It also works particularly well in table lights and wall sconces.

It also means they work beautifully in series, either neat and regimented or loose and organic and the low brightness means its cozy intimate light needs no shading (although you can use one if you want to).

In developing Plumen 002, Hulger worked with neon artist Tony Greer and industrial designer Bertrand Clerc to create a simple yet elegant looped form. Inspiration for the blown-glass bulb came from sculptors like Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth: “Whilst their works are pared back and simplified, they maintain an incredible, sensual complexity that make them feel infinite. Barbara Hepworth’s work, in particular, exhibits an incredible depth, richness and contrast in the most basic constructions.”

And as for the funding to help move this beautiful bulb from the development and prototyping stages to mass production, that's where you come in.

Head on over to the Plumen 002 Kickstarter campaign page where you can pre-order a bulb with a donation starting at $30 — the same price as the original Plumen 001. For $60, you’ll receive a fresh-off-the-production line Plumen 002, along with a signature colored Drop Cap Plumen Pendant. From there, the more you donate, the more Plumen 002 bulbs (and pendants) you’ll receive. Shipping is planned for July — that is, if the Kickstarter crowdfunding goal of $20,000 is met by Feb. 9. But with a total of nearly $16,500 pledged just one day after the campaign was launched, it’s looking to be likely that you’ll be seeing a whole lot of mellow come August.

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Plumen snuggles up with the cozy side of CFLs
The team behind the world's first energy-efficient designer light bulb, the Plumen, takes to Kickstarter to raise funds for a more 'mellow' sibling bulb.