A very happy Monday and welcome to the eleventh — and probably penultimate — installment of "The garden party," a product-centric weekly series geared toward all of you al fresco entertainers, patio partiers and backyard BBQ'ers out there. The emphasis, as you may have gathered, is on outdoor entertaining paraphernalia that boast one or more of the following eco-friendly attributes: a. handmade b. made from sustainable or recycled materials c. domestically manufactured or d. durable/made-to-last so that they’ll be used not just this summer but for many more summers to come. 


​Although Labor Day is still around the corner and your arsenal of outdoor entertaining gear has subsequently yet to be retired, you may have begun to think about tackling the spills, stains, spots, smudges, splatters, splotches, and sauce-related mishaps left behind by a season of sloppy backyard shindigs.


Below, you'll find a few backyard party cleanup solutions for various tasks including laundering stained linens, wiping down grimy tables and surfaces, conquering that pile of dirty dishes, recycling errant beverage containers, and, of course, cleaning that dirty grill (sorry, but I have no advice on how to make that guy who's been passed out in the hammock since mid-July disappear). And in addition to the below products, it's never a bad idea to save a few bucks by concocting your own natural cleaning solutions from household staples like white vinegarbaking soda and lemon juice.


Have any end-of-summer party cleanup rituals that you'd like to share? Any specific products that you consistently rely on for erasing all evidence of beer 'n' BBQ-fueled backyard bacch​analias?


 Hobnob Pop-Up Party Bin Set @ Hobnob USA ($20)

EarthStone Grill Cleaning Block @ Green Depot ($3.95)















​Aussen Natural BBQ & Grill Cleaner @ Alice.com ($6.99)















Method Lime & Seat Salt All-Purpose Cleaner - Limited Edition @ Method ($3.99)














Goodbye Detergent! Outdoor Scouring Pads @ reuseit.com ($6.95)















Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Packs @ Seventh Generation ($9.99; 30 pack - $14.99; 50 pack)














White Wizard Spot Remover and All-Purpose Cleaner @ Gaiam ($8.50)















Bon Ami Free and Clear Dish Soap @ Bon Ami ($3.99)















Full Circle Lean & Mean Scrub Brush @ Green Depot ($5.95)















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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Post-party cleanup: The garden party
Although there's one last summertime blowout on the horizon, it's probably time to start plotting a plan of attack for that BBQ sauce-stained tablecloth, that m