It’s funny, from time to time the color yellow gets just as much attention ‘round these parts as the color green.

I’ve covered all sorts of sanitation stories that could be categorized as eco-friendly, eco-offensive, or just plain weird: Remember the lads-only pee bale of Wimpole Hall? Or what about that Brazilian ad campaign urging citizens to conserve water by lathering, rinsing, and urinating during the morning’s shower? Personally, I’m still haunted by the tale of Bob Dylan’s air polluting port-o-potty but perhaps you find rogue Amish outhouses to be more unsettling. 

Now here’s an interesting design concept geared towards menfolk who for some reason or another find themselves outdoors and leaning against a mighty oak when nature calls: the P-Tree.

Conceived by Dutch designer Sam van Veluw, the P-tree is basically a portable urinal that can be strapped around a tree. A moveable rubber tube runs out of the bottom of the basin and can be connected to nearby sewage or system systems. The whole concept has “crowded, outdoor European musical festival” written all over it. The Design Blog calls P-Tree a “simple yet effect solution that encourages people to pee in public places but without harming or polluting the surroundings.”

So okay, it’s an eco-minded alfresco public urinal concept that would most likely not go over that well in the pee-shy US. But this got me thinking: would a P-Tree ever fly in private residential settings? I’ve known a few guys over the years that seem to prefer stepping outside to empty their bladders (especially after a few libations) rather than use a toilet. I can imagine a P-tree coming in handy for water-conscious families with a house full of boys, a septic tank, and a big backyard full of trees. And frat houses. 

What do you think? Does the P-Tree have a chance outside of the European festival circuit?


Via [The Design Blog] via [Trendhunter]

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Potty tree-ning
Dutch designer Sam van Veluw offers an interesting, non-polluting alternative to portable toilets -- pines, elms, and maples -- with the P-Tree.