Good morning! I'm going to interrupt regularly scheduled programming for a special announcement: 

If you haven't noticed, MNN has unrolled a great Ask Mother Nature feature where four days a week a different advice columnist discuses assorted eco-uncertainties ranging from how to reduce your pet's carbon footprint to figuring out what exactly can and cannot be composted.

As always, the most-knowledgeable Vanessa Vadim is doling out her two cents on various green issues. Now, she's joined by Morieka Johnson, Chanie Kirschner, and yours truly. I won't respond to just green home- and design-related questions but will tackle pretty much anything you decide to throw at me (within reason). For my inaugural advice column, I make the transition from indoor facilities to low-impact alfresco bathroom etiquette. So if there's anything on your mind, please, just ask ...

I thought I’d ease into the workweek on a light note with a look at a most excellent resource- and space-saving design concept for the home, French designer Aïssa Logerot's ironing board/mirror combo.

I’m not much of an ironer myself (okay, I don’t iron at all) but I know plenty of apartment-dwelling folks that both rely on and despise their ironing boards … it’s not exactly the most storage-friendly household item. With Logerot’s design, a simple flip transforms an ugly, in-the-way domestic staple into a full-length mirror ideal for an instant “does this look okay?” assessment. 

Nothing fancy or high-tech here, just smart, efficient design for the home that frees you from the grip of clunky household necessities and helps you get out the door, wrinkle free, a bit quicker in the morning. 

Via [Dornob]

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