Get past this stunning headline, “Bank Padlocked Wrong House and Took Parrot,” on the front page of the Wall Street Journal’s online Real Estate section, and you’ll find another fantastic “About the House” article and video from WSJ scribe Wendy Bounds.

Previously, Bounds headed outdoors to tackle home composters. This time around, she’s testing out (with the help of four strong-bladdered friends) newfangled home water filtration systems, ahem, flooding the market.

Home water filtration products are a $2.5 billion and on-the-rise industry catering to those who fear contaminated drinking water, which, by the way is the numero uno environmental concern among Americans according to a recent Gallup poll. And Bounds doesn’t just examine Brita’s newest model. She also sizes up a chlorine-removing shower filter, a whole-house filter, a refrigerator filter, filtered water bottles, a pricey dehumidifier gizmo and, of course, a slew of pitcher models.

Watch Bounds put her tap to the test in the video below and check out the full article here. What kind of you water filtration system(s) do you use at home? Me? I’m mostly a simple Brita kind of guy although I've flirted with the Zuvo Water Purator, too. 

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Putting the tap to the test
With the help of some taste-testers, the <i>Wall Street Journal</i>'s Wendy Bounds tries out a few new and notable entrants in the home water filtration market