It’s only fitting: The week before World Water Day is Fix A Leak Week! Promoted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the third annual Fix a Leak Week happens March 14-20.

Believe it or not, Fix A Leak Week actually has a mascot toilet — at least in Arizona. In fact, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association’s teamed up with the EPA’s WaterSense program to push Fix A Leak Week with a 4-mile race on March 19, during which runners will not be allowed to drink water so that the state can conserve the precious resource. Just kidding! The race — dubbed We’re For Water — will simply get people “in shape for finding and fixing leaks” like the mascot loo in the promo video below.

Post-race, there’ll be a Family Fun Festival — with all the usual fair stuff in addition to “hands-on leak finding and fixing demonstrations.”

I’m actually visiting Arizona this week — but will sadly be leaving before the race and fair. Whether or not you’re in Arizona, this is the week for fun green experiments — like dropping a bit of food coloring into your toilet tank to see if the hues seep out into the bowl pre-flush. That experiment could pay off with a lot of money saved. According to the EPA, “Easily corrected household leaks can increase homeowners’ water bills by 12 percent.” Follow the agency’s tips for discovering and fixing leaks — and save on your water bill in the months to come.

Race the running loo this Fix A Leak Week
In Arizona, runners will compete in a 4-mile race with a smiling loo -- the mascot for the state's Fix A Leak Week.