Due in part to suburban sprawl and vanishing jobs in the manufacturing sector, the once-mighty-but-still-proud city of Cleveland has more than a few vacant homes on its hands. How many? Estimates place the number of derelict homes in the city at around 15,000 or more with most of them slated for demolition over the next several years. And, of course, with so such a massive amount of demolition waste to deal with, the city has but no choice but to unceremoniously dump the remnants of these homes, many historic and over 100-years-old, in landfills.


Enter Reclaimed Cleveland, a handcrafted furniture and home accessories company that works with nonprofit group Towards Employment to salvage building materials, specifically old-growth lumber, from the city’s abundance of wrecking ball-ready abandoned homes in an effort to “serve Cleveland’s progression into the sustainable 21st century, while preserving its history in heirloom quality furniture.” And in addition to home salvaging, the company also uses reclaimed wood from urban trees felled to make way for new developments in the city.


I’d never heard of Reclaimed Cleveland before as the company is relatively new and its beautiful reclaimed hardwood pieces are sold primarily at retailers in the Cleveland area and directly through the RC website. Now, for a limited time, select Reclaimed Cleveland items are up for grabs at a generously discounted price through online flash sale retailer, The Foundary (registration required).

Prices for Reclaimed Cleveland pieces on sale at The Foundary vary from low ($28 for a paper towel dispenser or $17 for a hexagonal candle holder) to medium ($185 for a mirror) to high ($1,000 for a console table). Like other reclaimed hardwood furnishings, everything is quite handsome and you needn’t be a former/current resident of Cleveland or a diehard fan of the Drew Carey show to appreciate it. I'm particularly smitten with Pepe Le Chair (pictured up top), a seat that's built from salvaged solid oak pews (get it?). Pepe Le Chair is selling for $335, down from $675, through The Foundary.

Intrigued? Take a moment to sign up at The Foundary to see the complete selection of Reclaimed Pieces for sale. And better hurry, the sale only lasts through this Friday (Dec. 16). For more, head on over to the Reclaimed Cleveland website where you can view all of the company’s collections — Church pews! Bunk beds! Storage cubes! Cutting boards! — along with images and info about the specific homes where the salvaging took place. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Reclaimed Cleveland: Give the gift of C-Town this holiday season
Reclaimed Cleveland's home furnishings handcrafted from hardwoods salvaged from abandoned, wreaking ball-ready homes in the Ohio city are on sale for a limited