For the most part, curbside recycling is a piece o’ cake. Separate your common recyclables — paper, plastic, glass, etc. — place ‘em in the proper bin and haul the bins to the curb for collection. But what about items that can be recycled but need special, non-curbside care ... things like electronics, paint thinner, tires, tree trimmings, old mattresses, carpeting, cooking oil, and car batteries.
Generally, you’ll need to haul these “specialty” items to a local recycling facility. However, trying to locate a sometimes far-flung recycling facility that may or may not accept — this is often based on the market price for certain materials and if its even worth it for the recycler to collect and process the material — whatever you’re trying to unload can turn your recycling mission into a time-wasting wild-goose chase.
Preventing futile recycling errands is the goal behind’s free application for the iPhone and most recently, Android. Called My Recycle List, the app is touted as “a grocery list for recyclers” and aims to take “the pain out of recycling by making it straight forward to find recyclers with the least amount of trips.”
The app features every kind of recyclable material known to mankind spread throughout nine key categories such as Hazardous, Yard, Automotive, Electronics, and Household. Select which kind of material that you’re trying to recycle and then locate the nearest facility that really does currently accept it via zip code or GPS. Easy as that ... not a whole lot of legwork required. 
Nifty. iPhone and Android users, would you download this or do you think you have a firm enough grasp on your local recycling amenities? 
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Recycling: Yep, there's an app for that
Beleagured recyclers rejoice! My Recycle List, the "first fully comprehensive 'all items, all zip codes' recycling app" is now available to download for free on