While Earth Day isn’t traditionally known as a drinking holiday a la St. Patrick’s Day or, um, Purim, I doubt Mother Nature would take offense if you raised a libation-filled glass in her honor. Yes, it’s a day to reflect, learn, and instigate change, but it’s also a day to get down green-style.

What’s in that celebratory glass is entirely up to you. Personally, I like to think of Mother Nature as a classy kind of gal with a taste for the grape. True Earth wine — available in a red blend and Chardonnay — from the eco-conscious rascals at Three Thieves is a delicious primer if you haven’t sipped organic vino before. I’m partial to the red but if white’s your thing, the Chardonnay is smooth, crisp, and easy going down. Both are made from organically grown Mendocino County grapes and contain minimum sulfites (the natural preservative responsible for the dreaded “wine headache.”)

Now that we’ve secured a tasty, Mother Nature-approved wine, all we need are vessels. In my ongoing effort to help you green to your kitchen cupboard (check out these ideas for plates and bowls) here are a few eco-friendly wine glass options. Salut! 

Stemless Wine Glasses @ Bodhicitta's Etsy store ($35/set of 4)

Recycled Wine Glasses @ VivaTerra ($148/set of 6 red or white) 

Recycled Wine Glasses @ Target ($19.99/set of 4) 

Sea Stone Wine Glasses @ Uncommon Goods ($58/set of 2)

Green Glass Co. Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses @ Green Depot ($34.95/set of 40)

Recycled Windshield Wine Glasses @ Uncommon Goods ($22.00/set of 2)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Red, red green wine
Raise your recycled content wine glass high this Earth Day to honor the grooviest gal on the green scene, Mother Nature herself.