Oh, be still my beating, cleaning product-loving heart … there’s a new natural surface cleaner on the block (launched just this week) and this one’s, well, different. How so? Well let’s just say that most no cleaners on the market can be described as having a patented “Reusable Concentrate Mixing and Delivery System.”

Here’s the deal: Replenish is a biodegradable, 98 percent plant-based multi-surface cleaner that comes with two components:

A. An empty, fill-it-with-water-yourself plastic spray bottle and

B. A four-ounce “pod” filled with nontoxic, ultra-concentrated cleaning liquid (choose from Sun Lemon, Fresh Lavender, and Green Tea).

Attach the pod to the base of the bottle, flip the bottle upside down, squeeze (a built-in measuring cup allows you to squeeze just the right amount), and then mix with water. Voila! Your very own semi-DIY surface cleaner. Each pod contains enough concentrate to make four full bottles of cleaning solution and when that pod runs out, simple replace it with a new one without having to chuck the bottle itself.

The bottle itself and the sprayhead are made from recyclable PET plastic and are guaranteed to last three years/more than 10,000 trigger pulls. 

At the heart of Replenish's business model is a Mix Local concept that involves “using water from local sources to mix your own cleaner at home, unlike other cleaning formulas that are pre-mixed at a factory. This simple act keeps delivery trucks off the roads and bottles out of landfills.”

The Mix Local concept saves consumers money (pre-mixed cleaners are only 5 percent cleaner, the rest is just plastic and water) while reducing plastic, energy, and CO2 emissions by 90 percent compared to factory-mixed cleaning products. And on the topic of local, all components of Replenish are made in Wisconsin within a supply chain radius of 200 miles.

Says Replenish Founder and CEO Jason Foster in an official release:

Recycling is good for the environment — but it's just not good enough.  We need to get to reuse.  We hope to bring Replenish's innovative design to all forms of household liquids, and in turn inspire a reuse revolution with smart, sustainable products for happier homes and a healthier planet.
I’ve used natural, concentrate-based cleaners in the past — specifically a great Arm & Hammer Essentials cleaner/degreaser — but the clever concept of actually integrating the concentrate capsules into the spray bottle is entirely new. 

Replenish is available through Alice.com for $7.99 (one spray bottle plus one concentrate capsule). Additional capsules cost $3.99. Shipping is free. Not a shabby deal at all, considering one tiny capsule goes a long, long way. And what do you know? It looks like Replenish already has quite the following as it’s currently sold out on Alice.com (but will be back in stock soon). In the meantime, read more about the company, pledge to become a Reuser, and check out The Clean Room, Replenish’s Tumblr blog. 

And in other innovative green cleaning product news: Dropps, the eco-friendly laundry detergent line that comes in super-concentrated "power pacs" in lieu of bulky jugs — check out my post on 'em here — will be available at Target stores nationwide starting this weekend (October 24th). Congrats to team Dropps! 

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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Replenish: Just add water
A new natural cleaner called Replenish aims to convert the surface-cleaning masses into 'Reusers' with innovative product design that dramatically cuts back on