A couple weeks back, as part of my eco-friendly nursery series, “The green crib,” I highlighted decorative wall stickers and decals. An increasingly popular way to cute-up a nursery without making an expensive, long-term aesthetic commitment, using wall decals is a fine idea that often comes with one not-so-slight eco-hitch: most are made from PVC, a difficult-to-recycle plastic that's best avoided. 

And then there are Eco Reminders from Hu2 Design, an ethical British product design firm. Unlike most wall decals, Hu2 Design's Eco Reminders are made from a bio-based, PVC-free adhesive free of chlorine and chemical plasticizers. And true to their name, Eco Reminders are seriously cute “sustainable habit” cues that “remind you not to waste energy and switch off the light when you or your guests leave a room" and show that "energy could be produced in a eco-friendly way but has to be consumed wisely." Several Eco Reminders involve hamsters

Although most of the stickers in the Eco Reminders line are designed for placement near light switches, there’s also a sticker, To be Recycled, meant to be placed near the recycling area of your home.

Super cool. In addition to the Eco Reminder series, Hu2 Design offers a range of wall decals for throughout the home including the living room (I would benefit from the Before Leaving Checklist), bathroom (love the Toilet Monster design although it would have completely traumatized me as a kid), kitchen, and kids bedroom. Not all are PVC-free but a majority — all of the black designs — are. Additionally, there’s the Save an Animal line of decals that help support animal protection organizations.

Read more about Hu2 Design's environmental efforts here and check out the company’s entire range of wall stickers at the Hu2 Design online store. Do you have any visual cues in your home that help remind you to turn off lights before you leave a room? Me? I don't have any Eco Reminders up but I do have a Cubic Switchplate from Design Glut to catch my attention every time that I leave my apartment. 

Images: Hu2 Design

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Right on cue: Hu2 Design Eco Reminders
Super cute and PVC-free, Hu2 Design's line of Eco Reminder wall stickers are 'sustainable habit' cues meant to give a barren wall decorative flair while helping