Okay, so while I fully understand that the below items may not get those-who-really-love-Christmas-stockings (i.e. people under the age of 10) all in a tizzy, I’m guessing those-who-really-love-sustainable-handmade design will feel differently. 

Rogues Gallery, Portland, Maine-based purveyor of vintage-inspired T-shirts and clothing that can best be described as “salty collegiate chic” has branched out into holiday décor with a home goods line that includes handmade stockings, stocking ornaments, sachets and pillows.

The stockings — choose from Black Suede and Patchwork, Red Houndstooth, and Red & Green Patchwork — are handcrafted from quilted vintage wool and salvaged flannel. Each one-of-a-kind stocking comes complete with a jingle bell cluster. They cost $85 each. Yes, this is spendy for a piece of seasonal décor but for a handmade, heirloom quality item, I think it’s worth it especially for those who are scared of (sewing) needles but are on the prowl for something unique and handmade.  

If $85 holiday stockings aren't happening this year, Rogues Gallery offers mini-stocking ornaments at $24 a pop. They’re handcrafted with the same materials as the full-sized ones and are no less handsome.

Also included in the special Rogues Gallery holiday home goods line are super cozy-looking vintage wool flannel pillows ($96) stuffed with down and feathers and balsam fir filled vintage wool flannel sachets ($18 for small and $23 for large). I really like them sachets (hint, hint).

Head on over to the Rogues Gallery online shop to check out the full holiday homegoods selection. And if you happen to be traveling through the Portland area, the brick (lots of brick) and mortar flagship location is worth a visit. I swung by this summer and spent my sweet time going through the T-shirts (I emerged 30 minutes later with one). Also be sure to click here for more eco-friendly, non-DIY holiday decor items that I wrangled up last week. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Rogues Gallery: The stockings were hung, repurposed with care
Maine-based clothier Rogues Gallery releases hip holiday items for the home including stockings, ornaments, pillows and balsam fir-filled sachets handcrafted fr