Last month, I reported on a major lawsuit being filed against Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and two other major manufacturers of household cleaning products. The suit — being filed in New York on behalf of six state and national environmental and health groups including the Sierra Club — will force the companies to fully disclose the chemical ingredients in their cleaning products and publish the effects that the products can have on the environment and human health.


Hot on the tail of the lawsuit, the manufacturer of Windex, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, and other popular household cleaning products, SC Johnson (not included in the suit because of its quick compliance), has voluntarily come clean by listing all ingredients found in its products. Ingredient information can be found on product labeling, through a consumer hotline, and on a new website called


Thus far, the week-old website does not include ingredient information for all SC Johnson cleaning products but the ingredients in the new Nature’s Source line, Windex outdoor spray, Shout wipes, and Glade sprays and candles are all publicly disclosed. According to GreenBiz, SC Johnson plans to continually add household cleaning and air care products to the website over the next three years.  


Explains GreenBiz:


SC Johnson is listing not only the product ingredients, but providing explanations of what the ingredients do. The company is also taking ingredient listing a step further than other companies by pledging to list details of preservatives, dyes and fragrances. Although, in order to protect proprietary details, SC Johnson will list all ingredients that could potentially be in fragrances.


I just did a quick scan around my apartment and I can't say I own any SC Johnson products, cleaning or otherwise. However, I have been jonesing to try out the new Nature's Source line and compare it to Clorox Green Works. If the time comes when I ever find myself purchasing a "Gla'day" candle or a bottle of Fantastik, I'm glad to know SC Johnson is making a conscious effort to keep me in the loop regarding what exact ingredients I'm dealing with. 


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SC Johnson comes clean
The secret ingredients in SC Johnson's household products aren't so secret any more, thanks to a new effort by the company.