It's that time of year again: Noted thespian and reformed party girl Tara Reid is back in the news and a certain cable television channel will soon be airing a whole bunch of programming — "Monster Hammerhead," "Great White Matrix," Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth," et al. — that's sure to make galeophobics tremble in fear while leaving those who just can't get enough of our ocean's most menacing — and misunderstood — denizens giddy with delight.  

Yes, Shark Week 2014 is upon us. 

Now in its 27th year, this highly celebrated —and  promoted — dorsal fin fest is due to kick off on the Discovery Channel on Sunday Aug. 10 and it's looking to be bigger and badder than ever: Nonstop shark cams! Megalodons! Rob Lowe! Snuffy the Seal!

As is tradition, to help usher in this most shark-y time of year I’ve rounded up a handful of selachian-themed items, both utilitarian and purely decorative, for around the home. While not all of these fishy picks are handmade or made from eco-friendly materials, I’m guessing you serious shark nuts won’t mind too much. 

And before you start going crazy with the shark merch, also consider setting aside a few bucks as a donation to a shark research and/or conversation organization such as Shark Savers, Project Aware, or the Shark Research Institute. Because no matter how scary these apex predators may be, a world without them is much scarier.

Core77 Shark Spirit Poster @ Hand Eye Supply ($11)

Shark Head Plaque @ Pottery Barn Kids ($39.99)

Jaws Repurposed Vintage Dictionary Print Design Night Light Box Upcycled Lamp by TheRekindledPage @ Etsy ($36)

Shark Mobile by SaltyandSweet @ Etsy ($36)

Shark Tea Infuser @ Urban Outfitters ($16)

Greater Than Shark Week Framed Print by Nicholas Hyde @ ($50 - $210)

Linen Shark Pillow by AmoreBeaute @ Etsy ($26)

Hammerhead Shark Corkscrew and Bottle Opener by Alan Wisniewski @ UncommonGoods ($15)

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