As MNN pop-culture blogger Michael D’Estries announced last Friday, this summer’s most terrifyingly titillating TV event that documents misunderstood creatures equally feared and revered by beachgoers across the globe is finally upon us: MTV’s Jersey Shore: Miami Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.


If you’re into watching apex predators bite, breach, and do what these big fish do best, look scary (the rapid decline of many shark populations is even more scary), I’m guessing you’ll be glued to your TV this week. Personally, I won’t be tuning in since "Open Water" is the only film to date that’s given me an in-theatre panic attack.


To celebrate the return of Shark Week, I’ve rounded up 10 shark-y items for the home ranging from coffee table books to shower curtains to oven mitts. While they’re not all made from sustainable materials, I’m guessing you dedicated shark nuts won’t mind too much. Just don't go, ahem, overboard or you're gonna need yourself a bigger house


Berkley Illustration Great White Shark Portrait Print @ Velocity Art and Design (5x7, $10; 8x10, $18; 11x14, $35)




















Recycled Fence Wood Shark Art by John Birdsong @ Etsy ($20) 




















Kikkerland PVC-free Jaws Shower Curtain @ ($20)

















Felted Shark @ Branch Home ($18)
















Tommy Hilfiger Shark Attack Sheet Set @ ($44.99 - full) 















ChumBuddy Sleeping Bag @ Patch Together ($199.95 - preorder)















Shark Oven Mitt @ Sur La Table ($7.95)
















Shark Eating Girl Part 2 print by Christina Vantzou @ Supermarket ($140)














Shark Pairing Knife @ Pop Deluxe ($8.99)















Great White: The Majesty of Sharks by Chris Fallows @ ($31.50)

















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Shark Week: Home decor feeding time
Attention Great White groupies: Usher in Shark Week by working yourself into a frenzy over these 10 shark-y items for the home ranging from sleeping bags to sho