Activeion Pro — a gadget that uses, umm, water charged with super-oxygenated nano-bubbles  — could very well replace your arsenal of cleaning products. It's geared for commercial use but I imagine it could easily find a place in homes that are serious about green cleaning, as well. 

I know, it's blasphemy coming from me, such a fanatic about natural household cleaners. But the power of electrified water in a convenient spray bottle has me excited. As a pet-less bachelor living in a two-bedroom apartment, I'm not going to retire my trusty chem-free solutions for the pricey ($300, retail) Activeion Pro, but for folks dealing kids, pets, and large, messy spaces, the environmental and economic appeal is great. 

The ActiveionPro uses different technology than ElectroCide, a sanitizing/degreasing alternative to ammonia and chlorine-based cleaners that Karl Burkart reported on the other month.

With the ActiveionPro, you fill up the reservoir of a slightly clunky spray bottle with tap water. If the bottle is all charged up (it comes with a battery charger) and ready to go, once you press the trigger out sprays super-charged water that lifts dirt and dust off of surfaces like a magnet, making it easier to wipe up. In the small amount of time in between you pressing the trigger and the water hitting a surface, that regular tap H20 receives a slight electric charge and passes through an ionic membrane where some complex stuff involving nano-bubbles happens. The activated water remains charged for 30-45 seconds before it returns to its boring old tap-state, so have a cloth ready to go. 

The Activeion Pro is recommended as a substitute for all-purpose surface cleaners and works best on glass, wood floors, countertops, plastic, stainless steel, carpet spots, and more. The most obviously eco-benefit is that the Activeion Pro requires no chemicals, just water from the tap and a bit of electricity to charge the bottle. But what if you use natural cleaning products? However eco-friendly, consider the resources required to make these products. And, of course, there's the issue of packaging. 

There's also the issue of $$$: Households, especially those with kids and pets, spend a pretty penny each year on an array of targeted cleaning products ... one for glass, one for countertops, one for floors, etc. This isn't necessary with the multitalented Activeion Pro. Once you get over the initial sticker shock, the savings will come rolling in. 

I had the pleasure of trying out an Activeion Pro and was pleased with the results. When I got the box, I tore it open like a six-year-old on Christmas morning and went right to town. I found it most effective on countertops and on my dusty hardwood floors. The bathroom tiles yielded mixed results. 

Would I buy an Activeion Pro? Not yet. As much as I love a good cleaning solution, my space doesn't warrant such a product. Plus the scent of certain method and Mrs. Meyers products makes me want to clean the bathroom. Would I suggest someone who spends a bundle on chemical cleaning products invest in one? Yes'm.  

A countertop showdown
Entering the bathroom, weapon drawn
Before and after: Strawberry jam on the floor.
Before and after: Dust covered baseboard heater. 
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Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Should you have your eyes on Activeion?
The deep-cleaning properties of electrified water are now available to consumers in the form of spray bottle-shaped Activeion Pro.